Completed garden
Soft screen planting
New sandstone patio with sleepers
Stepping stone path and timber fence
Existing garden before redesign

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Private Garden, South-East London



This small private garden in south-east London makes the most of existing ornamental trees. These were crown-lifted and thinned to allow additional light through and the majority of the garden is enhanced by soft dappled light. The existing level difference is accentuated by creating a raised sleeper terrace and steps so that the French doors opening out from the bedroom on to the lower level are lightly screened by tall perennials and grasses. Broad, horizontal timber slatted fencing was constructed where the boundary needed replacing or increased screening, and existing rear fencing was planted with colourful winter climbers which will eventually provide full coverage. The sandstone patio is situated in the sunniest part of the garden for outdoor dining and this stone continues down the steps and creates a random stepping stone arrangement with Cotswold chippings to lighten a north facing passageway.

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